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EMOTION - Old Is Nu Again


27 Warner St 4006 Brisbane Australia
It’s the pop punk/emo weekly party you never knew you needed.

From the creators of SNITCH, THRILLER and LAMBDA comes EMOTION. The deal is free candy, wild parties, new themes every week, heaps of pop punk/emo tunes and free entry every Saturday night - late.

The bar will be proper friendly with those VCRs coming thick and fast, plus there will always be some potent cocktail buckets that you all know you’re gonna love.

June 11 we're making Old Nu Again with some tragic and guilt Nu-Metal appriciation. You know you love it, come get down with the sickness.

Best part? EMOTION is totally free, every single Saturday night at The Brightside after the bands.

DJ Limp Wristik and OH WAH AH AH AH all night until we have dreads.

27 Warner St, 4006. 18+.
No dickheads allowed.