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Picklebacks and Sliders


Wandering Cooks
1 Fish Lane (Cnr Fish Lane & Cordelia Street), South Brisbane 4101 Brisbane Australia
Picklebacks... you heard of them? If that's a hard yes then help me hold the hands of the newbies. If you're a little bit keen - or not - on the salty goodness you get out of pickles, then let's stroll together on this one. Imagine, you rock up to Crafters Bar here at Wandering Cooks, you raise your eyebrows, the bartender raises theirs right back at ya - it's on. Two old punch glasses are placed in front of you. One is filled with pickle brine, the other - whiskey. Deep breath and it's a one-two punch into your facehole (whiskey then pickle brine, always up for a discussion on that one) = party time.

The ultimate night of powerful mouth parties coming in small punchy portions is your very own Pickleback and Sliders shindig here on Friday June 3rd with For The Pickles. Sliders will be easily smashable and picklebacks will be truly delightful.

If you know you're not keen on the ol' pickle brine, that's cool - we've got a couple of things up our sleeves for you. If you're thinking of popping down make sure you say you're going so we can estimate on the pickle front - we don't want you to miss out!