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EMOTION - Launch Party


27 Warner St 4006 Brisbane Australia
It’s the pop punk/emo weekly party you never knew you needed.

EMOTION is coming to you from a special place. Put together by the guys who once ran the massive Brisbane party messes SNITCH, THRILLER and LAMBDA you know you’re in for a good time. We’re gonna be loading you up with free sugar every week - seriously, free candy at every single EMOTION - and then we’ll be playing nothing but the pop punk/emo/party tunes you love while you get down and duke it out on the dance floor which will ALWAYS be elevated to a level of insanity with inflatables and other shit to bash each other with.

The bar will be proper friendly with those VCRs coming thick and fast, plus there will always be some potent cocktail buckets that you all know you’re gonna love. Every single night will be different. We’re busting out some of the wildest themes we can think of, nothing is off the cards and every single night will be a party.

The launch night on June 4 will see EMOTION kick off as part of the very fitting Annual Emo party. Basically we’re coming out swinging with everything you can expect from EMOTION, and then some.

BLAM and DEAN providing the tunes. Call them names and ask for Amity.

Best part? EMOTION is totally free, every single Saturday night at The Brightside after the bands.

27 Warner St, 4006. 18+.
No dickheads allowed.