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Richard III 1995 M | Free entry


This screening of Richard III will be presented in 35mm.

Ian McKellen stars as the vicious Richard III in an alternate history 1930s Britain, where fascism has taken hold and the aesthetic of the Third Reich reigns supreme. Richard III tracks its protagonist's bloody rise to power as he dispatches those who stand between him and the throne. A villain with few peers, Richard is played with gleeful wickedness by McKellen, alongside a supporting cast that includes Annette Benning, Jim Broadbent, and Robert Downey Jr. Cleverly contemporised to create a vivid new backdrop for the action of the play, few reconfigurations of Shakespeare are as adroit and compelling as Loncraine's Richard III.

M | Medium level violence

Find out more about the Shakespeare on Screen film program 22 Apr - 25 May | GOMA bit.ly/1qCGDyK